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ISO Pro nano

The ISO Pro nano glovebox with integrated blower is designed for operator protection while working with nanoparticles. It is operated in relative negative pressure to the environment (-200 Pa). The operator safety is guaranteed by the high leak tightness of < 1 vol%/h and the automatic (under) pressure control. In case of a leak (e.g. the breakdown of a glove) the blower generates a permanent inward gas flow with a velocity > 0.5 m/s to prevent the diffusion of box atmosphere into the surroundings. As an alternative, the glovebox can be built with a leak rate of 0.05 vol%/h according ISO 10648-2, and coupled to a gas purifier unit to work under inert atmosphere (O2 and H2O < 1 ppm).

  • Operator protection while working with nanoparticles
  • Glovebox operating in underpressure mode (-200 Pa)
  • A blower generates automatically an airflow (>0.5 m/s) in case of leak
  • Gas inlet and outlet with Hepa-Filter
  • Analogue pressure indication (Magnehelic)
  • Stand with leveling feet and castors for easy mobility
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